Before you buy the Mendel Brain Kit

Mendel Brain DNA kit

In a single DNA sample we combine the fields of genetics, psychology and big data to bring you one of the most accurate direct-to-consumer genetic analyses and the world’s first specialized in human psychology.

We analyze over 20 traits related to personality, intelligence and sleep and are committed to keeping you up to date with all traits discovered that allow you to know yourself at a new level of accuracy.

We are all born with a naturally predisposed personality and as we grow up, our environment and experiences shape the way we are.

The Mendel’s Brain DNA test puts your genetic profile in your hands so you can explore the origins of your identity, discover your strengths in terms of intelligence, disengage your biological clock and adapt your sleep habits to your genetic tendency and discover other curiosities that make you a unique person.

We value your well-being above all else. That is why we have a team of expert psychologists in behavioral psychology that in the report will provide you with guidelines and indications with which to improve certain aspects of your daily life such as social communication, stress, emotion control and sleep habits.

We use the latest technology in Illumina Microarray, an advanced genotyping chip that allows us to obtain information on more than 750,000 genetic markers.

3 simple steps separate you from deciphering the personality that makes you unique.

Step 1: Order your test through the BUY button.

Step 2: Deposit your saliva sample in the tube we will send you following the instructions, register from REGISTER KIT and send the sample to our laboratories.

Step 3: Enjoy a detailed report with more than 20 traits that characterize your personality, intelligence, sleeping habits and other curiosities and apply the guidelines and indications personalized for your genetic profile to improve your daily life. We take care of the complicated part to show you in a synthesized form your predisposition, high or low, for the main psychological traits… .

In case you wish to expand your knowledge about a particular trait, you can access the detailed report we have prepared based on your assessment. In addition, we provide you with a large number of articles written by our psychology committee so that you can apply this knowledge to your daily life.

If despite this banquet of information your hunger for knowledge does not cease, please contact us. We are happy to share all our knowledge to support your emotional well-being.

This is the Mendel’s Brain scientific committee speaking. We have taken over the web site to tell you that the quality of the files we obtain by sequencing your DNA is 99% accurate. In case of doubt we indicate it with a NC on your results.

In addition, we have filtered the scientific literature and chosen only those genetic variations that are statistically significant, which means that the evidence is not due to mere coincidence.

In this way we ensure that each genetic variation analyzed is clearly associated with a trait or characteristic.

Who can use it

At Mendel’s Brain we only accept the registration and processing of data from children under 18 years of age if an adult is the parent or legal guardian of the minor requesting to open the account.

If so, there is no impediment for your child to use the Mendel Brain DNA kit.

More information at www.mendelsbrain.com/consentimiento-informado/

Of course! Both you and your baby are completely safe as the test is 0% invasive and 100% safe.

Other questions

Once the order has been placed, it is not possible to make changes to the details. But, don’t worry! If you need to modify any of the details associated with your order, you can cancel it within 60 minutes and then place the order again with the correct details.

If you wish to cancel your order, you can do so free of charge within 60 minutes of placing your order by clicking on the link at the bottom of the order confirmation email.