Twinning project

Mendel Brain is part of the Twinning project, a collaborative project by the European Commission that involves twinning public institutions from different countries.

Mendel Brain specializes in genetic analysis, specifically in identifying a person’s biological predisposition to develop psychological traits. This approach allows professionals to examine patients and understand their genetic vulnerabilities. Recognizing this risk is useful for preventing the development of emotional disorders such as depression or anxiety, providing professionals with emotional management tools.

The Twinning project will enable Beandgo to combine knowledge of patients’ biological profiles with other parameters to personalize preventive measures. Both companies will receive quality feedback to adapt their preventive guidelines. The Twinning project will not only provide both companies with the opportunity to test the solution in a local market but also to establish a long-term collaborative relationship to launch a differential service in multiple European countries, enhancing their competitive strength in international markets.