Our way

The Mendel’s Brain team is advancing in the footsteps of the father of genetics, Friar Gregor Mendel, who expanded the horizons of biology and laid the foundation for genetics by studying the inheritance of green and yellow peas.

Our values

The DNA of Mendel Brain allows you to know yourself at a more precise level and discover your virtues to improve them day by day.


We are lovers of genetics with a firm goal:

Put in your hands the tools to improve your emotional well-being

Aitor García Anaya

CEO of Mendel’s Brain

Manuel Pérez Alonso

Founder and scientific consultant

Lola Morón Nozaleda

Psychiatry Consultant

Sixto Santamaría Sánchez

Bioinformatics Engineer

Jose Luis Ivorra

Biostatistician creator of the Mendel’s Brain database

Luis Millet


Our team is made up of experts in genetics and psychology with more than 20 years of experience.