The role of psychogenomics: Getting back to work and not dying in the attempt

stress and routine

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Returning to work is synonymous with saying goodbye to the holidays and resuming our day-to-day responsibilities. But how can we prepare for this with the help of psychogenomics?

Only by knowing ourselves better and better can we face the problems of our daily lives. Genetic DNA tests from the field of psychogenomics can give us the answer. Because this tool is a bridge between our biological tendency and our behaviour.

From a psychogenomic perspective, we make use of a genetic test specialising in human piscology. This is the case of the study of the genetic bases underlying psychological traits and characteristics. Thanks to this we can find out how sensitive our organism is to characteristics such as stress, anxiety, depressive symptoms or resilience. Because the return from holidays is an important readjustment for everyone.

Mendel brain

It is easy that in this situation in which we return from a state of calm and tranquillity, the demands of our job entail a negative increase in stress and anxiety levels. That is why it is essential to know ourselves and provide ourselves with psychological tools and techniques that allow us to face this return in the most optimal way for our mental health.

To this end, the aim of Mendel Brain and its genetic test is not only to provide information about what we are like or what our biological tendencies or vulnerabilities are (those that are given to us in our DNA), but to go a step further and provide this information with a practical functionality. In other words, creating tools and guidelines based on the genetic report that allow us to modify our relationship with our environment. The aim is to prevent certain diseases or maladaptive psychological characteristics (e.g. a tendency towards chronic stress) from developing and evolving. And above all, to apply them autonomously as soon as we receive the results.