raw data file

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Raw Data files are the first step for any direct-to-consumer genetics company to produce a report of interest to its users. In essence, it is a raw data file about our genome that needs to be processed bioinformatically in order to be interpreted.

MendelBrain analyses more than 700,000 genetic variants. So the Raw Data file that you will receive with your report (so that you have it and can use it at any time) will contain all these variants. In addition, associated to each variant (SNP), certain data are indicated (in coded form) that allow us to know the chromosome, the gene and the position of the genetic variant of interest. Finally, the letters of the genetic code (A, C, G and T) that we have for that SNP are also indicated.

For example, let’s consider a genetic variant for anxiety that we know that for the general population the genotype is AG. Through GWAS studies it is observed that this variant, if it has the letters AA, results in an increased probability of suffering from maladaptive anxiety. So this is the information that our genetic Raw Data has. And it tells us precisely what our genetic code letters are for each of the variants we wish to study. In order to produce an interpretable report.