Our podcast on Telva: all about genetic tests


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At Mendel Brain we have collaborated with TELVA to produce a podcast on genetic tests. This has counted with the participation of Gabriel Esteller, our psychologist specialised in neuroscience. In addition to the collaboration of Paloma Sancho, beauty director at TELVA Magazine.

The podcast reveals all the information about genetic tests, their key role in disease prevention and tips for choosing a suitable DNA test. In recent years there has been a boom in genetic testing. This type of DNA tests allow us to know our genetic predisposition to develop certain alterations or pathologies, a key factor in their prevention. It also allows us to know psychological or behavioural patterns, as well as strengths and weaknesses at a genetic level.

Genetic tests allow us to make use of the tools to work on our biological profile in a personalised way. At Mendel Brain we work with the concept of psychogenomics, approaching it as the fusion of genetics, psychology and bioinformatics. In addition, our psychologist specialising in neuroscience alludes to the interrelationship between genetics and our habits and lifestyle.

Read the full TELVA article here and play the podcast, only available in Spanish!