When starting to use the Mendel Brain Kit

Kit de ADN de Mendel Brain

The best way to obtain enough DNA to analyze your genetic profile is through a saliva sample. Saliva samples offer a convenient and non-invasive method for DNA sample collection compared to hair and blood samples.

Of course we do! We analyze the DNA in the epithelial cells in the saliva and at no time is the accuracy of the analysis altered by the drugs.

3 simple steps separate you from deciphering the personality that makes you unique.

Step 1: Order your test through the BUY button.

Step 2: Deposit your saliva sample in the tube we will send you following the instructions, register from REGISTER KIT and send the sample to our laboratories.

Step 3: Enjoy a detailed report with more than 20 traits that characterize your personality, intelligence, sleep habits and other curiosities and apply the guidelines and personalized indications for your genetic profile to improve your daily life.  

We make it easy for you. Once you have collected the saliva sample in the collection tube,

You can see detailed instructions at www.mendelsbrain.com/instrucciones/